ENLACE Eastern Region Family Leadership Institutes (FLI) are conducted in Clovis, Portales, and Roswell, New Mexico. The FLI is a multi-faceted educational program focused on providing families with knowledge, tools and inspiration to help them and their children succeed in school and life.  The primary objective of the FLI is to teach parents the art and skills of family leadership in support of academic achievement and life success of both the family and the children.  The FLI sessions are held in Clovis, Portales, and Roswell once each month.  For further information on dates and times, please visit our calendar: 

Through a series of ten (10) modules, focusing on leadership in the home, school and community, parents are provided  information necessary for them to enhance their effectiveness as role models for their children.  The FLI workshop consists  of a series of lectures, participant discussions, story-telling, role-playing, and group and individual activities.

Family Leadership Institute Modules
Module 1:  Home:  Where Leadership Begins
Module 2:  Self-Identify:  Past, Present, and Future
Module 3:  Living in Two Worlds
Module 4:  Storytelling and Journaling:  Valuing Literacy through Family History  
Module 5:  Education:  The Key to a Better Future January 23, 24, and 26
Module 6:  College Field Trip:  What Does Success Look Like? February 6, 7, and 9
Module 7:  Improving Family/School Relationships:  Partnerships for Success January 23, 24, and 26
Module 8:  Facing Challenges at Home:  Coping Strategies for Success March 20, 21, and 23
Module 9:  Creating a Family Action Plan:  Roadmaps to Success April 17, 18, and 20
Module 10:  Celebrating Family Academic Excellence:  Success as a Way of Life

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