Family Centers

The ENLACE Eastern Region Family Centers serve to enhance school and community partnerships both by promoting parental involvement and engaging  parents and school personnel in a relationship that is family-centered and family-friendly. Family Centers are  located at Lincoln-Jackson Family Center (Clovis), Cameo Elementary School (Clovis), La Casita Elementary (Clovis), Parkview Elementary School (Clovis), James Bickley Elementary (Clovis), and Mesa Middle School (Roswell).  The centers encourage families from underserved communities to be involved in their students' education by accomplishing the following:

  •  Increasing communication between families and school personnel.
  •  Increasing  participation among parents and families. 
  •  Promoting the use of parent centers, school facilities, and resources.  
  •  Increasing student success.
  •  Increasing parental knowledge about their rights.
  •  Offering and connecting resources to families.
  •  Building relationships between schools and families.
  •  Providing professional development training through educational workshops.  

To help  increase student success, volunteer and paid family members work to create an accessible and accountable educational atmosphere, by providing welcoming spaces on the Clovis and Roswell campuses.  

"Informed parents are involved parents."  

The centers are excellent gathering places for families to share ideas, needs, and concerns, as well as gain  information about colleges and other resources available to  themselves and their children.

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