ENLACE Higher Education Office

Contact:  Mr. Adrian White
(Located at Clovis High School, G-10)
ENLACE Eastern Region Higher Education Coordinator
Phone:  (575)769-4350 or (575) 791-8179

The purpose of the Eastern Region Higher Education Program, which operates in  Clovis, Portales, and Roswell, is to assist students and parents TO navigate through the twists and turns of the higher education process.

The overall  goal of the program is to  ensure that ALL underserved students are afforded the opportunity to benefit from a higher education by having the access guaranteed to them. Some of the specific services provided by the Higher Education Coordinator to students and their parents include the following:

  • Serves as a liaison between students, parents, teachers and administrators.  
  • Promotes student retention and educational success.  
  • Encourages and assists students in the college enrollment process.   
  • Provides encouragement and assistance to parents during the college enrollment process.  
  • Helps with college selection.
  • Helps with ACT/SAT application and fee waivers.
  • Helps with enrollment and registration into vocational/technical schools.
  • Helps locating scholarships and grans.
  • Provides professional development for parents;  
  • Helps students and parents in completing the student's FAFSA.
  • Conducts group support meetings for students and parents.  
  • Helps with completing college applications.  
  • Helps in the preparation of essays for scholarships/grants, and college enrollment.  
  • Conducts college financing seminars.  
  • Assists students already attending college.
  • Works with  youth organizations.
  • Helps remove barriers to students staying in school and graduating.  
  • Maintains an active data base of scholarships.  
  • Increases participation in dual credit programs; provides tutoring and mentoring services.  
  • Promotes parental involvement in the college application process.
  • Contacts students to determine need for additional support.
  • Follows up with student for an additional two years AFTER the student graduates and enters an institution of higher learning.  
Click on the following link to locate some current scholarship opportunities.  For assistance, please contact  Mr. White at the phone number shown above.

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