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Through a series of ten (10) modules focusing on leadership in the home, school and community, parents in Portales are provided information necessary to enhance their effectiveness as role models for their children. These Family Leadership Institute workshops are conducted in Spanish and English; each workshop contains a series of lectures, participant discussions, story-telling, role-playing, and group and individual activities. Free child care is provided.


In partnership with Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, which provides qualified tutors, tutoring is offered to individual students, and groups of students within the classrooms. Special, after-school tutoring is also conducted at the Portales Recreation Center.


The ENLACE Eastern Region Higher Education Coordinator is available each Thursday and Friday at the High School to provide assistance to those students-and their parents-who have a strong desire to attend college or a university. Assistance is given in all phases of the higher education entry process, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Registration for ACT/SAT Testing
  • Help with college or university selection
  • Help with obtaining educational scholarships, grants, and college applications.
  • Help to students interested in earning their GED.


Tell-Me-More is a comprehensive approach to foreign language learning, combining rich, quality content with the flexibility and interactivity of multimedia. This is a web-based program which may be accessed from home or anywhere where participants have computer access to the web. This language-learning program is of special value to students, parents, and other adults within the community desiring to learn the English language "at their own pace." Of special importance this year is that Tell-Me-More will now have a grade K-5 component, which will permit children to actively participate in the program either to learn English or to practice in their native language.


This is a (free) web-based program designed to provide teachers, children, and adults with tools for quickly assessing their own skills and provides supplemental research-based literacy lessons primarily to students in grades K-12 on their fundamental literacy skills. IMPORTANT: One does not have to be classified "migrant" to participate in this program. Secondly, it is a program which follows the student. If the student relocates, he or she may re-access the program at a new location, log in to the system, and begin where they previously ended the lessons; there is no loss of work or effort.

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