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Family Center

The basic philosophy of the Family Center is that "informed parents are involved parents." The Roswell Family Center acts as an advocate with families for schools, services and systems, which creates an environment of fairness, responsiveness, and accountability for families served. The Center encourages families from Roswell to be involved in their students' education by increasing their knowledge about their rights, authority, and roles with a school. Some of the core services provided by the Roswell Family Center at Mesa Middle School include the following:

Offering and connecting resources to families

Building relationships between schools and families

Providing professional development training through educational workshops

Volunteers and family members work to create an accessible and accountable educational atmosphere by providing welcoming space at Mesa Middle School, which actively promotes student involvement and success. The Mesa Middle School Family Center is an excellent gathering place for families to share ideas, needs, and concerns as well as to learn about different resources for themselves and their children.

Community Involvement. Throughout the year ENLACE in Roswell, in partnership with local private and public agencies, stays involved in many community events, sharing the stage with community agencies, businesses, and organizations who, themselves, work on a variety of projects that directly impact Youth Leadership programs, volunteerism, and the Character Counts! Program sponsored by RISD. ENLACE Roswell provides strong, sustained support to many other local programs believed to exert a positive impact on children, families and the Roswell community at large.


The ENLACE Eastern Region Higher Education Coordinator periodically visits the Family Center to provide assistance to those students (and their parents) who have a strong desire to attend college or university. Guidance is given in all phases of the entry into higher education:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Registration for ACT/SAT Testing

Help with college or university selection

Help with educational scholarships, grants and college applications

Help to students interested in earning their GED.

TRIO Program

This program is actively supported by the Family Center, and parents are encouraged to obtain more information through the local ENLACE Coordinator. The Federal TRIO Programs (TRIO) are federal outreach and student services programs in the United States designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. They are administered, funded, and implemented by the United States Department of Education.

ENLACE Health and Resource Fair in Roswell

The purpose of the Fair is to educate the community about health services provided free of charge, or at a very low cost to the general public. The Fair is advertised as a family fun night and provides educational, as well as, entertainment events for all children. The funds for this event are provided primarily by the Foresters Pecos Branch. Although several organizations do not necessarily sponsor a booth at the event, they do however, provide free and in-kind services.

Family Leadership Institute (FLI)

Through a series of ten (10) modules focusing on leadership in the home, school and community, parents in Roswell are provided information necessary to enhance their effectiveness as role models for their children. These Family Leadership Institute workshops are conducted in Spanish and English; each workshop contains a series of lectures, participant discussions, story-telling, role-playing, and group and individual activities. Free child care is provided.

Teen Outreach Program (TOPs)

After school program that teaches kids about civic leadership, anti-bullying, and self improvement. The program has two sets of classes twice a week for an hour and half during the program, students participate in a tour to the Chaves County Health Department to see what services the health department provides, including the following:

WIC Program Children's Medical Services Vaccination Department Family Planning School Site Based Health Center

The students also decorate one of the nursing homes in town and visit with the elderly. They also walk in the Cancer Awareness Marathon and work at one of the Child Abuse Awareness events.

Gear Up Works

This is a program geared towards 8th grade students at all of the middle schools in Roswell, as well as the freshmen in the high schools. Gear Up Works provides the following services:

Online tutoring Saturday in-school tutoring ENLACE Eastern Region Higher Education

The overarching goal of this program is to provide help and support to students who plan to enroll in post secondary education institutions of higher learning.

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