ENLACE Eastern Region Tutoring/Mentoring Program

Within Clovis Municipal Schools and the  Portales and Roswell Independent School Districts, tutorial services are provided to students in the elementary, middle and high schools. During academic year 2012-2013,  there were over 7,000 student contacts in all of the tutorial programs.     

In partnership with Clovis Community College and Eastern New Mexico University Portales, and Eastern New Mexico University, Roswell, the ENLACE Eastern Region Tutorial Program promotes both academic and personal success among elementary, middle and high school students by accomplishing the following:

a. Raising academic achievement in student literacy, math, and study skills.
b. Helping students to understand their academic tasks.
c. Promoting school retention and graduation.
d. Helping students to understand the value of education and occupational opportunities available to them by earning a college degree.

The tutorial programs in the ENLACE Eastern Region provide students with instruction on a variety of subjects, with an emphasis on literacy and mathematics. At all of the tutoring sites, especially Portales, the program has been very beneficial to the non-English speaking high school students.

Both the tutoring programs in Portales and the Mesa Middle School in Roswell provide tutoring services for the students throughout the day.

The Lincoln-Jackson Family Center programs has enlisted the services of student tutors from Clovis Community College as well as three certified teachers.

Portales provides university tutors contracted through Eastern New Mexico University Student Services. Roswell tutors are recruited from ENMUR.

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ENLACE Eastern Region