The Barry Elementary Media Center supports the instruction and curriculum in all classrooms.  We currently have over 10,240 hardback books available to students for check out!

The Barry Elementary Media Center has two book fairs each school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Notices and brochures are sent home with students prior to each event. All monies earned from our fairs are used to purchase new books. We welcome volunteers to help during these two weeks.

The Barry Media Center helps support the Accelerated Reader Program.  Accelerated Reading is a program that combines technology, motivation, and individualized instruction to support a regimen of extensive in-school reading goals. This computer based reading program is being used in over 27,000 schools in the United States.  Its objective is to improve students reading performance and comprehension. 

The books are grouped according to reading level with each level color-coded. Each book is worth so many “points” depending on the amount of reading text and the difficulty of the book. In order to be successful at this program, students need to read books that are on their level. This is an “independent” reading level.  Based on the color (level) that they are reading a point goal is set for each individual student.

Students AR grade will be based on the percentage of their personal grading period goal that they have achieved at the end of the goal period. Their AR grade will count 17% of their Language Arts grade.  Students must maintain an average percent correct of 85% (on the printed reports for each book they test over).  When they go above the 92% average they will be moved to a more difficult level. Students are given time daily to read their accelerated reading books.  They are also encouraged to read when finished with other work.
Students are rewarded in various ways for reaching their goals.  Participation in rewards is based on meeting goal and average percent correct at 85% or higher.  Parents can help monitor with the TOPS reports that will be sent home after each test. 

The complete AR quiz list is also available online!  Books don’t have to be in our library.  They can be from the public library or books you have at home.  Our students now have access to nearly 130,000 AR quizzes.  You can also retrieve this at home or at our library. Access the Quizlist database.

Barry Elementary diligently works to screen all Accelerated Reader books for age appropriateness and content prior to placing them in our library collection.  Please note that we are not responsible for the content of any Accelerated Reader book that is acquired outside of our school library. 

Our library is a very busy place.  We average around 350 transactions daily.  Parents wishing to volunteer to shelve, repair, or process new books are greatly appreciated!
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