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About the Arts Academy at Bella Vista

Every Student at The Arts Academy will:

- demonstrate creative thinking

- meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as reflected in the results of the New Mexico Standards Based Assessment

- model the character traits of respect, caring and citizenship

- will receive a standards-based, arts-infused education
The Arts Academy is a fine arts magnet school.  Our primary focus is to enhance academic learning through use of arts teaching tools as a learning methodology.  We base all educational decisions upon years of brain research and are considered as a national model in the implementation of innovative teaching. 

Magnet schools:
A magnet school is a district school with a specialty focus.  Magnet schools offer many areas of specialized curricula.  These curricula may include intense focus, delivery, and instructional approaches in areas such as math, the arts, technology, and science.  Often magnet schools are placed in racially isolated schools and neighborhoods to encourage students from all areas of a school district to enroll in these schools, ultimately resulting in a newfound academic success in the quality of education. 

Magnet schools have three distinguishing characteristics:

  • They provide a distinctive curriculum or instructional approach.
  • They attract students from outside the original school zone.
  • Improved achievement for all students enrolled in the magnet program is the ultimate goal.

The Arts

Visual arts play a very unique roll in the total educational growth and development of students. All students have the capacity to develop creative thinking, which can either be encouraged or discouraged at school. All students should have the opportunity to think, feel, and work with visual art materials. At The Arts Academy, our focus is to provide vast opportunities in working with art mediums such as watercolors, oils, clay, fabric, and textiles. Along with these kinesthetic experiences, we provide opportunities for students to imerse themselves in a rich curriculum of the history of art styles and artisians. the visual arts are explored in their pur forms, taught by a master art instructor, as well as through an integrated approach in classroom settings. The corridors of The Arts Academy provide a beautiful palette demonstrating many eviences of student generated works of art.

The Arts Academy believes that the integration of the fine arts into a strong academic curriculum increases the opportunity for all students to achieve academic success.

In addition to the schools' emphasis on academic achievement through the process of fine arts infusion, the school's primary mission is to improve higher order thinking skills and develop children who are responsible members of the school and community environment.

Staff selection and professional development is high priority. Expert training in disciplined arts education, Socratic and Didactic teaching methodologies, curriculum and competency alignment, Brain-Based learning models, collaborative and independent learning strategies, authentic assessments, and development of lesson planning through arts infusion, all provide the catalyst for outstanding student achievement at The Arts Academy.

Literary Arts reach far beyond the library! At The Arts Academy, our goal is to immerse students into a rich literary arts curriculum comprised of thematic immersion through genre such as children's literature, poetry, creative writing, vignette, sonnet, and author studies, and to develop an appreciation for literary works from great writers such as Shakespeare, Frost, and many others. In addition, many literary arts experiences cross over into the visual arts and music classrooms as an extension through an intense study of author/illustrator artistic styles and musical expression of literary pieces.

A deep immersion into the visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, and musical arts are models of instruction utilized to transport all children into a world of unique learning experiences.
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