Clovis High School

Powered by our aspiration to improve lives and guided by our creative and imaginative planning, we will help our students achieve their goals.

Choices Alternative School guiding beliefs
We believe…
  • Learning is most effective when rigor, relevance, and relationships are unified.

  • in relating to the individual needs of students such as flexible student schedules.

  • Character development encourages good choice making.

  • Open minds, personal responsibility, self-determination develops civic responsibility.

  • That a ‘can do’ spirit can be cultivated. Ambition is rewarded.

  • All students, staff, parents, the community are contributors to our success.
Choices Alternative High School is a program designed for students who prefer an alternate method for earning a high school diploma. The School provides an alternative method of continuing learning in an atmosphere, which is sensitive and suited to the development of the intellectual, physical, and social capabilities of our students. At Choices we will attempt to accommodate  our  schedule to our student needs. This is accomplished within an educational environment that is healthy, safe, trusting, caring and challenging.

Students choosing to participate in one of the various programs have the support of a knowledgeable, flexible, and caring staff. Our goals are to help students develop a foundation on which to build knowledge, develop skills to use in the future, and create a desire to learn. Students are encouraged to establish goals to provide direction and motivation to stay in school and earn a high school diploma.

Students in grades 10th through 12th maybe referred to the Choices program from Clovis High School administrators, guidance counselors or students may ‘self-refer.’

Educational Program Choices focuses on the ore credits required for graduation. The decision of how students will fulfill elective graduation credit requirements is based upon the advice and consent of the Choices and Clovis High School staff.

Students can choose to fulfill these credits through the daytime or evening courses. The daytime program at Choices serves students who desire to attend an alternative program during regular school hours. Graduates receive a regular, certified high school diploma just like they would receive from Clovis High School. The evening program serves students who find evening classes better suited towards their individual needs. This program is offered through Choices. Students may also choose a combination of daytime and evening courses to fulfill the high school graduation requirement. Graduates of the evening program also receive a certified high school diploma upon graduation.

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