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Great Parents of CHSFA,

I want to welcome you to our school and to our great faculty family!  We are off to a fantastic start for the 2012-13 school year.  Students are finding their way around the campus and forming new relationships with their peers.  I must compliment you on your parenting skills as we've found this group of ninth grade students to be very fun, friendly, and polite!  Excitement seems to be in the air as students acclimate to the high school experience and realize they are Wildcats for the first time!

Our overall goal this year is to prepare your child for a successful transition to the main campus at Clovis High School.  Daily attendance is of the utmost importance, as freshmen begin receiving high school credit in each class.  We hold high expectations for all students by introducing them to an engaging, relevant and rigorous curriculum.  Our teachers will establish meaningful relationships with students to assist them in all areas of their academic and social journey. 

Parent involvement is key in student success.  Our Families and Communities Engaged (F.A.C.E.) teacher team designs a monthly calendar to keep parents informed of events occurring at the Freshman Academy.  I've attached September's calendar.  Please look over and feel free to visit our campus and attend activities.  Additionally, this team of teachers organizes the Parent Volunteer list for our school.  Thank you to those folks who completed the Volunteer Form.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact:

I look forward to this school year and want to thank you for your support of CHSFA!


Diana Russell, Principal

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce the implementation of advisement groups for the remainder of the 2012-2013 school year and would like to make you aware of how advisement will work.

This year our schedule accommodates seven, 30-minute advisement periods.  Advisory will occur Wednesdays from 10:08 – 10:38.

The mission of the CHSFA Advisement Groups includes establishing academic and career goals beginning in the ninth grade and continuing through their senior year and developing a relationship with an adult who shows a genuine interest in a student’s progress in achieving academic and career goals.

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Diana Russell, Principal

Dear Parents and Partners in Education,
The Clovis Municipal School District is implementing a new product called the Biometric Finger ID System in school cafeterias, which will eliminate the need for students to remember PIN numbers.

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