Dress Code

It is the aim of the Clovis Municipal Schools to display to the public at all times a proper standard for morals, conduct, dress, attitude, courtesy, and friendliness on the part of each student, which will be above reproach or criticism. The public will judge our schools on the basis of any or all of these characteristics as found in each student at all times. Therefore, in keeping with the above aim, a student’s appearance, mode of dress, and/or cleanliness shall not disrupt the educational process, or constitute a threat to safety.

When, in the judgment of the principal, the student’s appearance, mode of dress, and/or cleanliness is distracting and disruptive to the educational process, or constitutes a threat to safety or acceptable standards of sanitation, or does not meet the following regulations, the student may be required to make the requested modifications. Anything that can be considered gang related will be prohibited. (i.e., sagging, bandanas, hats)

To implement the above policy, the following regulations will be in effect:

  1. Shorts, skirts, and dresses will not be acceptable when it is determined that they are inappropriate due to fit and/or length. Pants and shorts should fit at the waist and crotch area so as to prevent sagging. If a critical judgment is necessary, shorts, skirts, and dresses will be no shorter than mid-thigh for boys and girls. The wearing of double pants or shorts will not be allowed.
      a. No nylon or spandex shorts or leotards shall be worn without a garment over them that is determined to be acceptable.
      b. Culottes must meet the same standards as skirts and shorts.
      c. Pants and cut-off shorts will be rolled up so the frayed ends do not show and must meet the same standards as skirts and shorts.
  2. Shoes are to be worn at all times.
  3. Coats that extend below the crotch, hats, caps, sunglasses, ski caps, or similar articles will not be worn in the building.
  4. The wearing of any type of upper, outer body garment determined to be in poor taste because of brevity of neckline, cut of the armhole, or type of material will not be permitted. No midriff garments will be permitted. (Examples: no strapless, see-through, low-cut garments, or tank tops.) All shirts and blouses must be tucked in if they extend below the crotch.
  5. Garments will not be worn that are determined to be unacceptable because of slogans or art work, particularly those that depict drugs, alcohol, tobacco, the occult, or things of an obscene nature.
  6. Any attire or dress that, according to the Clovis Police Department, is often associated with gang behavior or membership will not be allowed. Some specific examples of this are sagging, hairnets, bandanas, pocket chains, and gang logos or signs on clothing. Any offenses of sagging and/or other violations may result in suspension.
  7. Belts are to be worn through the belt loops.
On certain occasions, a more stringent dress code may be enforced. For example, shorts will not be acceptable at special events such as graduation, awards ceremonies, installations, or other events so determined by the administration and/or activity sponsors. Also, the Clovis High School Prom is a semi-formal occasion that requires a special dress. If students do not dress appropriately at school and school events, the board reserves the right to make any changes necessary.


FIRST OFFENSE: Parents will bring appropriate clothing to student or the student will be sent home to change clothing before he/she will be allowed back to class.

SECOND OFFENSE: Parent conference and change to appropriate clothing before student will be allowed to return to class.

THIRD OFFENSE: Minimum one-day suspension. Subsequent violations will be treated as blatant insubordination and could involve long-term suspensions or expulsion.

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