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The mission of Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) is to “Build Better Citizens for America”. The program emphasizes integrity, discipline, self-reliance, leadership skills, and service to the community while acquainting students with the aerospace environment and the role of the military in a democratic society.  The course is NOT designed to recruit students into the military, and NO military obligation is incurred.  If, however, students are interested in the military, cadets completing the full three-year program enter any service at a higher enlisted rank, and college scholarships for officer candidates are available.  JROTC fulfills the Communication Skills credit requirement for graduation.

The United States Air Force, at no cost, provides AFJROTC uniforms, textbooks, and equipment to the student.  A $12 lab fee accessed at the start of the school year covers student-specific items, end-of-use dry cleaning, and restocking.  The uniform is worn once a week for the full school day.  Care of the uniform is the responsibility of the student - lost or damaged items require reimbursement to the school. 

The full program consists of three school years.  Students may enter at any point but must participate for the full year to receive credit for the course.  The program includes visits to Air Force Bases, field trips to the Air Force Academy, and an annual award ceremony/military ball.  The unit has numerous extracurricular activities such as Drill, Color Guard, and Physical Training teams that compete statewide with other JROTC units.  Additionally, the Corps has an honor society specifically tailored to AFJROTC cadets.

Students wishing to enroll in the course must meet and maintain
eligibility requirements.

Potential cadets should have an overall 1.8 grade point average to enter the program.  The program actively works with students to have all cadets maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all school classes.

Students are issued a Cadet Guide providing information on course requirements.  Cadets must conform to the guide, specifically:

The Air Force uniform will be worn once a week.  Cadets must maintain a professional appearance in uniform and abide by military customs and courtesies to include grooming and uniform standards. 

No visible body piercing or faddish hairstyles are allowed for any cadet while in uniform.  With the exception of one pair of conservative earrings for female cadets, all cadets must remove any visible body piercing while in uniform, in class, or at JROTC-sponsored activities.  Male cadets must maintain hair with an overall tapered appearance.  Hair must not touch the ears or the back of the neck at the collar line. Males must be clean-shaven other than mustaches terminating at the lip line. Female cadets’ hair must present a feminine, natural appearance.  When in uniform, hair must be styled so length does not exceed the bottom of the uniform collar. Nail polish must be unadorned and present a conservative appearance.
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