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The goal of AFJROTC is to help students to become "better citizens for America" and to instill in them a sense of community service, self-discipline, and a commitment to excellence without a requirement to join the military.
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It is the policy of Clovis High School to affirm the rights of every student who has the desire, ability, and is eligible to try out for teams involved in interscholastic athletics without regard to race, sex, creed, or station in life. It is strongly recommended that students enrolling in competitive sports have previous experience in junior high in the sport in which they enroll.

An off-season physical fitness program begins at the end of each individual sports season and is carried on throughout the remainder of the term for athletes who have been participating in a sport and have finished that season but do not care to participate in the sport(s) currently in season.
Athletic schedules are posted on the
Clovis High School Athletics Calendar.

For information about specific events, contact Samantha Valdez at the Clovis High School Athletic Office (575) 769-4350 extension 1023.
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Students participating in a sport will have to remain in that sport for the entire term. Any student participating in a sport needs to be signed up for the sport through the guidance office before the start of the season. Students will not be allowed to drop the sport when it finishes without losing credit for the class and an “F” on their transcript. No person should change his schedule in order to go out for athletics without getting permission from the head coach of the particular sport, and then the coach should make the request to the guidance office in writing.

Requirements for participating or trying out for competitive, interscholastic athletics as governed by the New Mexico Activities Association are as follows:
  1. Have a recent physical report from a licensed physician on file with the coach.
  2. Have a parent consent form signed by a parent or guardian.
  3. Be covered by a medical, hospitalization, or insurance plan.
  4. Be under 19 years of age on September 1st of your senior year.
  5. Must have made passing grades in at least four (4) subjects the previous grading period.
  6. Must be residing with a parent or guardian in the school district when participating.
  7. A student must be enrolled in at least four (4) classes each term in order to be eligible to participate in sports.
  8. Students/parents must sign a code of conduct and drug testing form.

Athletic Forms
Athletic forms are available on the Clovis Municipal Schools website.

Students participating in athletics are urged to be certain they have adequate insurance coverage. If not, they should take out the policy available to them at the school for a small fee. This insurance maybe obtained from the principal's secretary, the guidance office, or the athletic office.
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