Clovis High School

Jay Brady

   Jay Brady

Dear parents and students,

I want to welcome you to Clovis High School. It is my goal as principal to build strong relationships with our student body and foster the Wildcat Spirit as we continue to build upon the legacy that has been long established at CHS.

Every school year presents opportunities and challenges that each student must face. First and foremost, students will be engaged in meeting the academic and testing requirements that all students in New Mexico must complete to graduate from public education institutions.

Parents, at CHS we recognize the role that you each play in ensuring the success of your student or students. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in assisting our children as they strive to reach the goal of graduation. As stated earlier, requirements have changed and students are being challenged more rigorously and tested more frequently in the educational process. As a community of support I am confident that with our assistance each student at CHS will have the opportunity to walk across the stage at graduation and receive their diploma.

I look forward to working with you throughout the school year!


Jay Brady

Principal, CHS