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La Casita Faculty 2011- 2012

Department Name Contact

Dr. Sylvia Martinez - Principal


  Lidia Arceo - Instructional Coach email
  Josie Mercado - Secretary email
  Prescilla Garcia - Attendance email
Kindergarten Frances Duarte email
  Rosa Briseno email
  Katy Lindsey email
First Grade Roseann Garcia email
  Claudia Baeza email
  Amelia Cabrera email
Second Grade Claudia Schlott email
  Janet Gallegos email
Third Grade Patty Cain email
  Juanita Urban email
  Anna Soto email
Fourth Grade

Kim Montaņo


  Sulema Gonzales email
Fifth Grade Rubisela Lucatero email
  Susann Romero email
Library E. A. Felicia Wimberly email
Physical Education Stephen Whittenberg email
Music Kayla Talley email
Computer Lab Aide Rocky Ozuna email
Counselor Berta Loera email
Nurse Sherry Renteria email
Family Services Sylvia Montaño email
Gifted-Talented   email
Student Support Services Susann Romero email
ESL Teacher   email
E.A.'s Selene Chavez  
  Veronica Chavez  
  Gabrielle Velasquez  
Food Service Polly Cordova - Manager  
  Maria Chacon  
  Celia Gettle  
Custodian Eliazer Natividad  
  Diego Romero  
  Patricia Meraz  

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