Academy of Arts at Bella Vista

The CMS iAcademy was created to better meet the needs of Clovis Municipal Schools' students seeking an alternative to the traditional academic environment. iAcademy will use innovative teaching strategies, technology, flexible scheduling, and a very supportive classroom atmosphere to help students achieve academic success. The CMS iAcademy will serve students from 2nd - 12th grade.

The Elementary Academy consists of two multi-age classrooms; 2nd and 3rd graders in one classroom, 4th and 5th grade in another. Elementary students maintain a regular school schedule and attend Monday - Friday. The curriculum uses a STEAM focus in all subject areas and each classroom is limited to fifteen students.

The Secondary Academy consists of student in grades 6 - 12. Students in grades 6 - 8 attend school on Monday and Wednesday; 9 - 12 graders attend Tuesday and Thursday. Students in both groups work on Edgenuity – online comprehensive curricula – on days they are not physically in the building. On Fridays, teachers will be available for intervention or extra work time as needed. Each student will be scheduled for four core classes per week (English, Math, Science, Social Studies), which will focus on grade level power (high priority) standards and each grade level is limited to fifteen students.

Secondary students are allowed to participate in extracurricular activities at the school they are zoned to attend.

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