iAcademy at Lincoln-Jackson

  • 2000 - Present
  • 1980 - 1999
  • 1951 - 1980
  • 1924 - 1950

2000 to 2001 - student enrollment averaged 130 students.

2001 - Shelly Norris succeeded Ida Villanueva as the new principal. Lincoln-Jackson Elementary School became a magnet school and was renamed Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy. The school provided a school-wide model of academic excellence through Fine Arts integration. A deep immersion into the visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, and musical arts are models of instruction utilized at the Arts Academy. The Institute for Arts in Education recognized Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy as a national model school for excellence in arts education.

2004 - the enrollment at Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy had risen to 162 students.

2005 (November) - the Clovis Municipal Schools Board of Education voted to merge Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy with Bella Vista Elementary School to establish a magnet school, which will offer a larger student population the opportunities of a fine arts infused curriculum.

2006 - the Lincoln-Jackson Family Center was established. Anna Kolek was the Coordinator for the center and Bestella Gardner continued as the Secretary.The Parents as Teachers Program began. There were 4 Pre-K classrooms with approximately 96 students.

2007 Anna Kolek retired from the Clovis Municipal Schools.

2007 to 2009 Cynthia Flores succeeded Anna Kolek as the Lincoln-Jackson Family Center Coordinator.  There were 5 Pre-K classrooms at the center with approximately 150 students.

2009 to Present - Lincoln Jackson merges with Los Ninow Early Childhood Center. There are now currently 7 classrooms with approximately 180 students.

1980 - Joyce Pollard was reassigned to teach kindergarten at Lincoln-Jackson Elementary. Bestella Gardner was hired as the secretary to B.J. Pierce.

1983 - Bill Pyle replaced B.J. Pierce as principal. at which time Delman Shirley assumed the duties of principal. Bestella Gardner continued as the secretary under the principalship of Mr. Shirley.

1984 - the floor of the gym was remodeled, which included the addition of the school mascot, the Lincoln-Jackson Tiger.

1985 - Delman Shirley assumed the duties as Principal.

1995 - Delman Shirley retired and Ladona Clayton was hired as the new principal. She also continued her duties as the Migrant Coordinator of Clovis Municipal Schools.

1995 to 1997 - the school was recognized as a high improvement school.

1997 - Ida Villanueva succeeded Ladona Clayton as the new principal.

1953 - U. Douglas Clay became the principal of Lincoln-Jackson.

1954 - a modern blonde brick building was constructed, housing five classrooms and a shop.  This structure was built to serve as the Lincoln-Jackson High School. William Jones joined the faculty to teach shop and math. By October the enrollment had reached 292. Grace Jones joined the faculty to teach first grade, making a total of eleven teachers. John Villa was added to the faculty to teach music and band. Helen Gauna was the secretary and Mildred Finnie became the lunchroom director. After the Supreme Court’s desegregation decision in 1954, the Board eliminated Lincoln-Jackson High School and altered the new building to accommodate elementary students.

1962 - during Mr. Clay’s principalship, the building was remodeled. Jessie Wauford became the new secretary.

1966 (April) - Mr. Clay resigned as principal. W.E. (Bill) Jones succeeded him.

1967 - the building was remodeled once again. Jessie Wauford remained as the secretary to Mr. Jones. When she resigned, Sue Bergstrom became Mr. Jones’ secretary. Upon the resignation of Ms. Bergstrom, Cay Wood was hired as the secretary.

1970 (February) - Mr. Jones was reassigned. For a short period of time following the reassignment of Bill Jones, Danny Mitchell served as the principal of Lincoln-Jackson for four months. Virginia Beecher served as his secretary.

1970 to 1983 - B.J. Pierce served as the principal of Lincoln-Jackson.

1972 to 1980 - Joyce Pollard served as secretary.

1924 - Lincoln-Jackson School had its beginning in the Patterson Chapel Baptist Church which was then located at 609 West First Street. Miss Marjorie Ford was the first teacher. She came from Temple, Texas to teach two students, Ray Love and Herman Dillard. Due to limited space, the school was moved across the street to Bethlehem Baptist Church at First and Calhoun Streets the following year.

1926 - Mrs. Ida Jackson came to Clovis from Texas and replaced Miss Ford and the following year the school had a total of five students enrolled. The Bethlehem Baptist Church served as the school.

1930 - a one-room house and two lots were purchased and the school was moved to 104 and 106 Merriwether Street. When a name was sought for the school, there were two names offered, Lincoln and Jackson. Because of the high esteem and respect the students had for Mrs. Jackson, many wanted to name it Jackson School. Some factions wanted to honor a past president, Lincoln. The School Board compromised and called it Lincoln-Jackson.

1935 - the school had grown to thirty-five students and needed an additional teacher. James Williams was appointed by the board to serve as teaching principal.

1942 to 1945 - Clarence Orr succeeded James Williams as the teaching principal.

1944 - Loretta Carson joined the faculty, making a total of three teachers.

1945 - T.C. Martin succeeded Clarence Orr to serve as teacher-principal. Two new teachers were added, Mrs. Lockett Martin as primary teacher and Johnny Allen as teacher/coach.

1946 to 1955 - William Crawford became the custodian. John Roberts replaced him in 1955.

1948 - U. Douglas Clay replaced Coach Allen. By this time there were 122 students.

1949 - The twelfth grade was added to the school. Mrs. Lila Dotson was appointed to the faculty that year when enrollment reached 127 students.

1950 - Mrs. Jewel Clay joined the faculty and enrollment reached 153 students. This year saw the first graduating class. There were three students in that class, Robert Wauford, Ruth Gilmore, and Laura Kendell.
Information Compiled by: U. Douglas Clay & the Clovis Municipal Schools

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