Mesa Elementary

The mission of Lockwood Elementary, a visionary team of caring, dedicated staff, diverse families, community, and churches is to ensure that each student becomes a lifelong learner who is successful and confident in his/her academic achievement, character development, and social skills through research-based, technologically enriched curriculum in a healthy, safe and secure environment.

Lockwood Elementary is a great little school located on the south side of Clovis. We are able to keep a small school, family atmosphere while still offering programs that you would expect to find in much larger school districts like: Computer Lab, integration of the Arts, Dual Language Program and After School Program

School Facts

  • Year opened: 1970
  • Grade Levels: Kindergarten – 6th
  • Average Enrollment: 400
  • Mascot: Roadrunner

At Lockwood, we use the Marvin Marshall Behavior Plan

Levels of Behavior

Level D - Democracy

  • Develops self-discipline
  • Shows kindness to others
  • Does good because it is the right thing to do

Level C - Conformity

  • Listens
  • Practices
  • Cooperates
  • Considerate of others

Level B - Bothering

  • Bosses others
  • Bothers others
  • Breaks classroom standards

Level A - Anarchy

  • Out of control
  • Makes up own rules
  • Noisy

Niveles de conducta

Nivel D - Democracia

  • Desarrolla la autodisciplina
  • Muestra bondad hacia los demás
  • Hace bien porque es
    lo correcto

Nivel C - Conformidad

  • Escucha
  • Practica
  • Coopera
  • Es considerado con los demás

Nivel B - Molestar

  • Manda a otros
  • Molesta a los demás
  • Rompe las normas del salón

Nivel A – Anarquía

  • Fuera de control
  • Hace sus propias reglas
  • Bullicioso

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