Behavior Policy

We believe that children learn best through experience. As teachers, our role is to guide and redirect children to help them learn to cooperate with others while enhancing their own social-emotional growth. In our classrooms, we manage behavior through the following techniques:

  • Maintaining consistent classroom rules and routines. Children (as well as many adults!) like to know what to expect in their daily schedules. By providing consistency, the children move easily from one activity to another. The daily schedule is designed to vary quiet activities with active play times to maintain interest.
  • Promoting appropriate modeling of behavior and reinforcing positive behaviors.
  • Ignoring some behaviors that are disruptive but not harmful.
  • Reducing the clutter and noise level in classrooms and providing a calm, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Using natural consequences. For example, if the child mashes his/her cookies with the chair during snack time, then he/she gets to pick all the pieces up while the rest of the children go on to art.
  • Helping the children make choices about what they should do. We guide them through problem solving processes to help them arrive at effective solutions.
  • Displays of aggressive behavior (biting, hitting, pushing or swearing) may necessitate placing a child in "Time Out" away from an activity. Depending on the severity of the behavior, "Time Out" may be in the principal's office. Parents will be notified of these behaviors and, when necessary, a meeting will be arranged to discuss behavioral interventions.
Our staff uses the principles of a Clovis Municipal Schools’ program called Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI). This program teaches staff to diffuse situations where children’s behavior is escalating to possibly endanger them or others around them. We are trained to safely provide physical restraint techniques as a last resort to keep children and staff members safe. You child’s teacher will contact you as soon as possible if we must ever use restraint techniques with your child.

For children whose behavior requires more intensive support, we create Behavior Intervention Plans which are individualized. The purpose of these plans is to support children’s positive behaviors and to seek ways to replace undesirable behaviors. We create these plans using a team approach that includes parents as respected experts on their child.

Children's self esteem is of utmost importance to us when managing behavior. Each child is encouraged to make choices for good behavior and to problem-solve for themselves when they do not behave. We see excellent improvements in the behaviors of many children using these guidelines. We hope you'll share your ideas with us if you have used something that is particularly beneficial with your child.


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