Inclement Weather Procedures

School Delays & Cancellations

The decision to delay, cancel, or release students early is taken very seriously.  As early as 4:00 AM staff from our Operations Department is on the road determining whether roads are clear enough to provide safe travel.  In addition to our district road safety team, Clovis Schools consults with our school bus contractor, Adair, Inc.  Once a determination is made, a recommendation for a delay or closure is communicated to the Superintendent of Schools.  The Superintendent makes the final decision regarding a delay or cancellation.   
Announcements regarding a change to the school schedule will be made as follows:

Delays:  6:00 AM (or earlier, if possible)
Cancellations:  6:00 AM (or earlier, if possible)
Early Dismissal:  11:30 AM

Decisions to change the school schedule are subject to change based on changing weather conditions.

1-Hour/2-Hour Delays

The abbreviated day schedule is shortened and will begin 1 or 2 hours later than the regular schedule, but will end at the regular dismissal time. 

The following services will be cancelled on abbreviated days:
• AM Preschool Program

This announcement will be made no later than 6:00 AM.  All parents, students, employees, and the public are encouraged to check the CMS website, television and radio stations, or call the Clovis Schools Administration Office (769-4300) to listen to a recorded message concerning changes in the school schedule.
Under most circumstances, when Clovis Schools is closed for the day, all evening activities are cancelled as well. 

Early Dismissal

If severe weather conditions develop during the school day or an emergency arises, students may be dismissed early.

The following services will be cancelled on early dismissal days:
• PM Preschool Program
• After-School Programs

This announcement will be made no later than 11:30 AM.



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