About Los Niños EIC

1998 to Present - Los Ninos Early Intervention Center
Established for children ages 3-5.

3Y Program (3-4 year old children)

  • Special Education
  • Peer Role Model

4Y Program (4-5 year old children)

  • Special Education
  • Peer Role Model
  • Family Literacy Institute

Therapists at Los Ninos:

2 Speech/Language Pathologists
1 Physical Therapist
1 Physical Therapist Assistant
1 Occupational Therapist
1 Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
1 School Counselor
1 Audiologist
1 Vision Specialist
1 Educational Diagnostician
1 School Nurse
Currently Los Ninos has 5 classroom teachers that have obtained New Mexico State Licensure in the area of Early Childhood or Special Education. Each classroom has 2 Educational Assistants to provide support for the teachers and the children within the classrooms.


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