Mesa Elementary


School Mission
The mission of the Mesa Elementary Learning Community is to provide opportunities for students to build a strong academic understanding, to grow in character, and to explore their multiple intelligences by providing a positive climate for learning, a challenging, technologically enriched curriculum, character building experiences, and thoughtful learning strategies that will empower them to continuously improve and to become lifelong learners and productive, effective citizens.

School Colors: Black and Red
School Moto: Where Character Always Counts and We are Smart in Many Ways
School Mascot: Mustang
Mesa Elementary School is a terra cotta clustered structure in Clovis, New Mexico, a town of 35,000.  Rich farm land was the site chosen in 1991 for the school that began with a community based population of 400, increased a year later to over 630, when Cannon Air Force Base completed an extensive off base housing project adjacent to the school, and currently has leveled to a count of about 520.  Mesa has met the challenge of blending the diverse backgrounds and experiences of military, rural, foreign, and community children into a united and nurturing climate.


Mesa Parents are an integral part of the learning community.  They are led by the Parent Advisory and School Advisory Councils.  Parents oversee the Mesa Carnival, Service Projects & Fundraising. Mesa has had 100% parent participation on Parent Conference Day for 25 years. Community Partners are also a key element of the Mesa Team, and presently more than 50 partners offer financial or volunteer support.

A highly qualified Team of Teachers take a personal interest in each child, and provide an academically challenging curriculum.  The Mesa Principal has 21 years of experience in education and ensures that the mission of the school is realized.   A dedicated and experienced Support Staff is also an essential part of providing a positive learning climate. Mesa Students, the most important members of our learning community, are students of character, strive for excellence, and have demonstrated they are smart in many ways! 

  • We analyze and effectively use data results to determine student performance and inform practice.
  • We teach, model, and reinforce a self-discipline program that promotes the 6 pillars of character.
  • We implement research based instructional methods that improve student's academic performance in order to provide a solid foundation for advancement and lifelong learning.

These beliefs are a statement of Clovis Municipal School's fundamental convictions, its values and its character. The District Planning Team has determined the following to be the fundamental beliefs of the Clovis Municipal School District.

  • Moral absolutes exist, distinguish right from wrong, and hold a society together.
  • Family is the primary educator in the life of a child.
  • Each individual is responsible for his/her own actions.
  • Diverse cultural heritage enriches and strengthens our community.
  • Every person is unique and has worth.
  • Ethical behavior is essential for an orderly and successful society.
  • Success in any aspect of life depends upon commitment, preparation, & self-discipline.
  • All people have unrealized potential that can be developed.
  • Continuous learning is necessary to improve the individual and society.
  • Spiritual well-being is essential for a healthy individual and a healthy community.
  • The physical and mental health of each individual is essential to one's development.
  • A safe and secure environment is important to an individual's well being.
  • Challenging expectations motivate people to high levels of performance.
  • Education is the responsibility of the entire community.

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