Mesa Staff



Julie Howell, Principal

Rhonda Young, Secretary

Jacqueline (Ranee) Drahman, Attendance



Robyn Ericson

Sarah Goddard

LeeAnn Christesson

Claudia Schlott

1st Grade


Pam Adkins

Lea Laing

Jessica Bender

Sara Morris

2nd Grade


Kathryn Gonzales

Vanessa Moore

Sheila Owen

Katie Cincis

3rd Grade


Amy Marshall

Lisa Davis

Cynthia Vinson

4th Grade


Elyse Zalucki

Debra Lusk

Silvia Miranda

5th Grade

Ashlee Spears

Mary-Cris Putz

Cheryl Cunningham

Student Support

Diana Santellana


Shawn Pelfrey

Educational Assistants


Cammy Reed


Lyndsey Baber


Mindy Hunt


Crystal Holm


Physical Education

Christie Simpson



Lori Dawkins


Miranda Bonney


Heidi Borden

Computer Lab

Janice Kendall


David Sanchez

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