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About Sandia

Sandia Elementary, established in the 1960's, is located on the northwest side of Clovis. We provide services to approximately 435 students in grades K-6.

Sandia is a positive place for students to grow both physically and academically. We are committed to providing the very best educational experience possible for all students. Parents are encouraged to become involved in our school.

We have many, many programs in our school, which you can learn about by clicking on the programs link below. All classrooms are equipped with computers and internet access; including the Library, and Computer Lab. Sandia is dedicated to integrating technology into the curriculum at all grade levels.

School Colors:
Blue & White

School Moto:

Where Character Counts

School Mascot:


Theme Song:
"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

  • Mission
  • Beliefs
  • Objectives
  • Tactics

School Mission
The Mission of Sandia Elementary School, a team of dedicated and caring professionals, is to develop life-long learners who demonstrate outstanding character, have self-worth, and perform at their fullest individual potential in an increasingly diverse and ever-changing society by providing challenging, motivating, and engaging learning experiences in cooperation with family, church, and community.

Beliefs are a statement of an organization's fundamental convictions, its values and its character. The District Planning Team has determined the following to be the fundamental beliefs of the Clovis Municipal School District.
  • Each individual is responsible for his or her own actions.

  • Diverse cultural heritage enriches and strengthens our community.

  • Every person is unique and has worth.

  • Morals and ethics are essential for an orderly and successful society.

  • Success in any aspect of life depends upon preparation, commitment, and self-discipline.

  • All people have unrealized potential that can be developed.

  • Continuous learning is necessary to improve the individual and a healthy community.

  • Spiritual well-being is essential for a healthy individual and a healthy community.

  • The physical and mental health of each individual is essential to one's development.

  • A safe and secure environment is important to an individual's well-being.

  • Challenging expectations motivate people to high levels of performance.

  • Education is the responsibility of the entire community.

  • Each student will effectively utilize technology in a technologically rich environment. (Objective 3, SP, CMS)

  • Each student will meet or exceed those competencies necessary for a successful transition to further education and career. (Objective 3, SP, CMS)

  • Each student will benefit from an optimal learning environment where critical thinking and problem solving skills are developed. (Objective 2, SP, CMS)Each student will demonstrate Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthiness, Fairness, and Citizenship. (Objective 1, SP, CMS)

  • We will increase student literacy skills in all content areas. (Strategies 1, 3, SP, CMS)

  • We will integrate the use of technology across the curriculum. (Strategies 1, 5, SP, CMS)

  • We will implement brain-based effective strategies to improve student performance. (Strategies 1, 3, 4, 6, SP, CMS)

  • We will create an optimal learning environment that increases student success. (Strategies 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, SP, CMS)

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