Zia Elementary

Mission Statement

The mission of Zia Elementary School, with cooperation and assistance from students, families, churches, and community is to develop responsible, independent learners who exhibit exemplary moral standards, who strive to reach the skills, knowledge, and confidence to assure personal achievement through a safe, challenging, creative, technology enriched, and ever-changing environment.

  • Each student will develop skills needed to be responsible, independent learner.
  • Each student will exhibit exemplary moral standards.
  • Each student will be challenged by technology based and creative educational activities.
  • Each student will demonstrate confidence and personal achievement through goal setting.
  • We will provide an academic environment that promotes optimal learning experiences and engages students in creative thinking and technology.
  • We will ensure students measure the achievement of personal and challenging educational goals.
  • We will strenghten partnerships amont the school, family, church, and community.
  • We will teach exemplary moral standards through role modeling and character building activities.

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