About Clovis High School


We at Clovis High School, in partnership with parents, students, and the community, will strive to provide a safe environment conducive to learning by preparing all students for a lifetime of success.

To achieve this task, all parties will work together by utilizing cooperation, communication, and collaboration, promoting student involvement and accountability.

Success will be accomplished through relationship building among educators, students, parents,
and community members.

Guiding Principal

  • We analyze data to monitor the results of our efforts and guide our practice.

  • We base all site decisions on the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.

  • We create an academic program that develops a strong foundation in each academic discipline and engages students in rigorous project based work and/or relevant course work.

What does our mission mean to us?

Preparing . . . Clovis High School is preparing students for post-secondary success in career and college by:

  • Including literacy and numeracy activities in every core, elective, and career tech class.

  • Guiding all students in the selection of a career pathway.

  • Involving all students in project-based learning in every core, elective, and career-tech class.

  • Offering a variety of advanced placement and dual credit courses.

Every CHS student, no exceptions!

Success . . .

  • Proficiency on the NMSBA/PARCC

  • College scholarships

  • Jobs after high school

  • Certification in a skill, field or job

  • College Credits during high school

  • Competitive ACT score

  • College Enrollment and college diploma

  • Military service

Core Beliefs

  • Every student has worth, is capable of learning, and can achieve high standards.

  • When students are provided with a safe, caring, and engaging environment,

  • Learning will occur when instruction is relevant to students and includes the use of real world experiences.

  • Students have better attendance and behavior when they feel connected to the school community.

  • Communication and collaboration are essential to the learning process.

  • Students and faculty must have both short and long-term goals in order to succeed.

  • When teachers and students have high expectations of each other, learning will occur.

  • Learning is a partnership involving students, parents, administrators, and the community.