Meet the Principal

David Fredericks

Dear Wildcats,

I am very excited to be a part of the legacy that is Clovis High School. The success that has been experienced at Clovis High School can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the faculty and previous leadership at Clovis High School. It is my purpose to ensure that this success will be perpetuated and built upon. In all we do, we pledge to Never Miss a Moment. There are moments in every student’s life where they reach out and need us. We will not miss the opportunity to build a bridge from where students are to where they would like to be. The overarching purpose of Clovis High School is to ensure our students are propelled and lifted to their highest potential.

A student’s highest potential can only be achieved with a partnership between CHS and the community members that we serve. I appreciate the support for our teachers that I have been witness to. Parents, it is vital to have you positioned shoulder to shoulder with us as we guide your student. The academic rigor and significance of the curriculum at CHS is derived from professional educators who painstakingly and meticulously review and revise this curriculum to ensure the highest possible trajectory for your student.

Students, I look forward to seeing you shine. I encourage each student to find what fuels you. Take electives that you never have or join a CTE program that you never thought would interest you. Join a team, get involved, and get connected. High school is a sliver of time and the more connected you are, the more rewarding the experience will be.

Graduating from high school is not a result of luck, it is the sum of continuous support, and connection. I look forward to working alongside our families to ensure students have support and access to a variety of opportunities to be connected.


David Fredericks

Principal, Clovis High School