Substitute Information


Note: Access Frontline using Google Chrome for best results.

Instructions to become a Sub:

  1. Apply for the Sub position on Fast Track.

    • You must list at least one supervisor and one colleague reference.Include your references' phone number and email address

  2. Download the Sub Handbook located at the link above and read through it carefully.

  3. Once your application has been completed and submitted to HR, Employee Services will email you the Sub New Hire documents to complete and schedule you with an app0intment to come into the office to be processed. During the appointment, you will be registered for the background check, apply for your sub license (if applicable), and you will be notified of your onboarding date.

    • Please note: Sub onboarding sessions will be held once per month during the months of July, August, and December. Onboarding sessions will be held twice per month during the months of September, October, November, January, February, and March.

  4. At the appointment, you will need to bring with you your driver’s license and social security card. Please also be prepared to pay $44 with a debit or credit card for your background check. Teacher subs will also need to pay $50 for a sub license using their debit/credit card at this appointment.

  5. Plan to attend the Sub Onboarding from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on the date given to you. The onboarding session is mandatory and class size is limited to 12 people.

  6. Below is what will be covered during the Sub Onboarding Session:

    • Review the CMS sub expectations, policies, and procedures (Sub Handbook is located on CMS website).

    • Complete the required Safe Schools videos.

    • Set up your Gmail, Skyward, and Frontline accounts.

    • Review insurance requirements.

    • Review ERB requirements and long term sub expectations.