10 choirs receive superior rating

Ten choirs from Clovis Municipal Schools have received “Superior” ratings following the Southeastern New Mexico Music Educators Association’s (SENMMEA) Choral Large Group Music Performance Assessment.

The choirs, from Marshall, Yucca, Gattis, CHSFA, and CHS, were adjudicated in two different categories:  Concert Performance and Sight Reading.  Groups are graded on a 100-point scale and groups given a score of 90 or higher are considered “Superior” in their rating.

Clovis had a total of 10 groups participate, ALL of which earned a “Superior” ratings in BOTH categories.

“Superior” in both Concert Performance and Sight Reading

Marshall 6th Grade Academy Cadet Choir

Gattis Middle School Treble Choir

Gattis Middle School Tenor/Bass Choir

Yucca Middle School Treble Choir

Yucca Middle School Tenor/Bass Choir

CHSFA Mixed Chorale

CHS Mixed Chorale

CHS Tenor/Bass Choir

CHS Women’s Select Choir

CHS Chamber Choir



Marshall 6th Grade Academy – Leslie Delgado, Gattis Middle School – Lori Riggins, Yucca Middle School – Tiffany Roberts, CHSFA – Tami Martin, CHS – Tami Martin and Sarah Sena