FMP Update

The Clovis Municipal Schools Board of Education, at its regular meeting on April 23, 2024, approved the proposed 2024-2029 Facilities Master Plan (FMP) and recommendations. This approval marks the beginning of a journey to correct imbalances in elementary school populations and solidify the continued progress and improvement of the District, its services, programs and facilities.

As the district moves forward in the process of implementing the recommendations approved by the board of education, we are committed to conducting these efforts transparently and with the engagement of our community. In keeping with this, we will continue to communicate and inform our families and community to the greatest extent possible as we progress.

Much of the process to implement the recommendations stemming from the FMP has already been outlined and can be found online at: Facilities Master Planning We encourage our community to continue to refer to this resource as questions develop.

In the immediate future, our community can expect the following timeline to take place:

  • Elementary Placement Letters - District personnel are currently working to institute the new elementary school zones as approved by the Board of Education. 

    • Staff have begun the process of aligning students with their new school zones and transferring students to the appropriate campus. 

      • Cameo students will be rezoned to neighboring campuses

        • Approximately 120 to Sandia

        • Approximately 85 to Arts Academy

        • Approximately 50 to James Bickley

      • Lockwood students will be rezoned to neighboring campuses

        • Approximately 120 students from English program to La Casita

        • Approximately 100 students from the Bilingual program to La Casita

        • Approximately 120 to Parkview

    • After placement of each student has been finalized, families will receive a letter informing them of their student’s school placement for next year. 

  • House Days – On May 14, District elementary schools will celebrate “House Day” an event intended to introduce and welcome students to their new campus and give them an opportunity to meet the members of their new house. These events will take place during the school day, with opportunities for families to join in the fun during the evening hours.  Watch for details in a separate announcement!

  • Facility Work Begins - In May, at the conclusion of the 2023-2024 school year, the Lockwood and Cameo elementary campuses will be shuttered to allow work to begin. 

    • Lockwood renovations will begin immediately following the last day of school, to convert the facility into an appropriate environment for the instruction and care of children under the age of 5.

    • Over the summer break, Cameo will be prepared for use by Student Support Services, which will temporarily relocate to the retired campus until 2025-2026 when they will permanently move to the Freshman Academy campus. 

Implementing the recommendations resulting from the Facilities Master Plan is a complex and multifaceted task – aspects of which will take place over months and in some cases years – and we do so with our students and staff in mind. 

We are working diligently to partner with our families and community, plan in such a way as to ease transitions and to embrace the future with enthusiasm. As developments take place, timelines are tuned and significant markers in the process emerge, we will continue to communicate and find opportunities to engage our families. We encourage our community to watch for updates as we move forward.