Bilingual Seal

Of all the accomplishments made by the Clovis High School Class of 2024, 50 Wildcats are able to lay claim to a pinnacle triumph – adding the New Mexico Bilingualism-Biliteracy State Seal to their diplomas.

Celebrating its graduation this past weekend, among other things, the 441 members of the Class of 2024 collectively earned more than 100 college degrees and secured well over a million in scholarships to schools across the country on their way to becoming alum.

Add to that 50 coveted bilingual seals – a prestigious distinction signifying full bilingual competency – and they are off to an impressive start.

The New Mexico Bilingualism & Biliteracy Seal is a prestigious seal awarded to students that are bilingual and biliterate. In this ever-changing economy, being bilingual or multilingual, prepares our students for the competitive world. For a student to be awarded this seal on their high school diploma, they must meet the rigorous requirements set forth by the New Mexico Bilingualism and Biliteracy Seal.

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