Special Zone Transfers

As part of a limited opportunity, Clovis Municipal Schools is accepting transfer applications for elementary students interested in attending either a Fine Arts or Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) integrated elementary school in 2024-2025.

In an effort to expand program offerings to students residing in other school zones, the district has reserved a small number

of openings for families interested in exploring elementary integrated learning options.

The integrated learning programs are hosted at Barry Elementary School and the Arts Academy at Bella Vista.

Starting in 2024-2025, Barry Elementary School will be designated as a STEAM Academy, integrating and emphasizing elementary education rich in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

Boasting decades of elementary education infused with both performing and fine arts, the Arts Academy at Bella Vista offers a highly-regarded program.

Additional details about each of these outstanding programs can be found below.

Families interested in applying to either can request an application at the GC Ross Administration Building or by e-mailing academic.services@clovis-schools.org


The Barry STEAM Academy creates a space where students think independently, solve problems, work together, and learn new skills.

Our STEAM Academy’s mission is to engage students in a rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum with an environment focused on science, technology, engineering, multimedia arts, and mathematics to foster the joy of discovery and promote a collaborative culture of innovative problem-solving.

At the Barry STEAM Academy, daily enrichment periods allow students to choose an extension activity to participate in, from specials in the areas of Music, Physical Education, Robotics, and Multimedia Arts.

Students also benefit from embedded Project Lead The Way (PLTW) curriculum, giving opportunities for discovery, hands-on learning in concentrated yet integrated disciplines.

"We know that young learners are naturally wired for discovery. In PLTW, students are immersed in hands-on activities, projects, and problems that build upon each other and relate to the real world,” according to PLTW.

They experience integrated learning that blends computer science, engineering, biomedical science, and more. Throughout the modules, even the youngest learners apply their math and ELA skills, learn science standards, and adopt skills that are foundational across disciplines."


The Arts Academy at Bella Vista develops the original genius in the mind of every student through arts-infused, academically based instruction that cultivates; creative thinking, intrinsic motivation, cultural appreciation, and unsurpassed excellence, facilitated by a passionate, reflective, scholarly team of professionals, strengthened through a partnership of family and community.

The Arts Academy at Bella Vista believes that visual arts play a very unique role in the total educational growth and development of students. All students have the capacity to develop creative thinking, which can either be encouraged or discouraged at school. All students should have the opportunity to think, feel, and work with visual art materials.

At The Arts Academy, our focus is to provide vast opportunities in working with art mediums such as watercolors, oils, clay, fabric, and textiles. Along with these kinesthetic experiences, we provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in a rich curriculum of the history of art styles and artisans. The visual arts are explored in their pure forms and integrated into classroom settings.

The Arts Academy believes that the integration of the fine arts into a strong academic curriculum increases the opportunity for all students to achieve academic success.